Hippotherapy UK

Joanna-hippotherapy-co-uk Joanna Evlyn-Bufton
Contact: joanna@hippotherapy.co.uk
Website: http://www.hippotherapy.co.uk/
Service offered:

Joanna is a trained hippotherapist, providing a range of equestrian activities including:

Physiotherapy in partnership with the use of horses
Psycho-riding aimed at facilitating communication abilities of children with pervasive developmental disorders
Therapy contact with the horse and confidence building e.g. vaulting
Horse riding lessons for people with disabilities
Horse riding instruction of all ages, able and disabled people
Instruction and classes designed for both children and adults
Joanna’s Role
Governance – administrate the organisation of lessons and training in accordance to the governance principles recommended by the U.K. authorities
Communications – establishing lines of communications with respective schools, home help or other associated with the client
Coaching and Program Delivery – support, development and delivery of coaching programs
Advice and help with obtaining special equipment
A system of training progression from beginner, through a series of proficiency tests
Defining standards and guidelines for activities, with the emphasis on the special needs of our participants
Promotion of new areas of activity (e.g. Vaulting and Hippotherapy)
Fundraising, marketing and promotion of the role and benefits of hippotherapy